Philosophy has a very bad reputation of being too complex and a science that is only for the
intellects. In this project a brief introduction to Philosophy is presented with a key message of "Perception". The book contains images of Collages for each philosophy or theory. Every image consists of two messages upon viewing it. The book uses color filters and therefore can only be read with either a red transparent paper, or a cyan one, creating an exciting tension between a historical topic and modern way of visualizing it.

PS: You can't read anything if you don't have red or cyan filters. try using your 3D cinema glasses
Inside the book are 5 historical theories that discuss perception of reality and the senses;
- Solipsism
- Allegory of the cave
- Zhuangzi dreamt he was a butterfly
- Skepticism
- Evil Demon hypothesis
and finally Charles Sanders Peirce's Phaneron. The Phaneron was chosen because it's a refutation to all previous theorises that would claim that nothing existed or the senses are not to be trusted.
The Phaneron was placed in the Annual Applied Arts & Science Exhibition 2014
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