So, what are we doing here?

HireHunt is an interactive recruitment experience where you connect with jobs by showing who you are and what you can do. You can explore your talents, discover career options and apply to jobs all at the same time. 

pew. were commissioned to redesign the existing HireHunt website to have an overall more user-friendly experience and a more appealing image. We’ve concluded that the main problems with the original website are more related to design technicalities & visual experience rather than just user journeys. It needed and overhaul in terms of actual visuals, colors, typefaces...etc. rather than just wireframe redesigns. The main problem was; users needed to stay on the website more.

What could be improved:

  Lack of focal point(s) on various pages.
  Inconsistent visuals/aesthetic.
  Dimmed/not engaging - could be more vivid.
  Misuse of empty space & elements’ ratios.
Love what you've done with the place! 
But now it's time to change.
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