This years' members' package in TEDxGUC had its own independant theme; Connections. The concept was to highlight how our diversity & individuality had never stood in the way of our team work and unity. 
When various associates work together their differences becomes their stregnths, and with every different project we have a different output, hence our uniqueness.
Designs supervised by: Nourhan Ayman
Logistics supervised by: Mohamed El Faramawy
Designed by: Riham Sherif
                            Mohammed Hazem
Logistical team delegation: Ahmad Tarek
Logistics team: Ahmad Abdul Raheem, Amr Aly, Mina Messiha, Loay Elzobeidy, Hend Amgad, & Woroud Wael. 
Photographed by: Ashraf Osam
Special thanks to Coordination & Logistics team for providing these quality materials.
The whole package was made of organic and recycled material to represent the key message that it is "human". How we chose to deliver the package also added to the overall user experience
Thank you!
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