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Brand naming & identity for Cairo's hottest new school for creatives.
Swvl Rebrand
Rebranding project for Swvl, arguably the biggest startup to emerge from the MENA region.
YouTube Warehouse Experiential
YouTube's largest MENA Region corporate event. Emphasis on experiential & spatial design experience.
Google New UI Promotion
pew. created the concept and design for Google's new World Cup UI activation package & its very own custom card game.
Lipton Limited Edition Packaging
pew. were approached by Lipton to create unique packaging for a limited edition tin box.
A branding project for a Gen Z social club, hosted at the Walk Of Cairo (WOC).
Brand naming & visual identity for Egypt's largest outdoor trampoline park, hosted at Walk Of Cairo (WOC).
Excuse My Content Rebrand
Rebranding project pew. did for video & content agency, Excuse My Content.
Augmania Rebrand
Augmania is a Silicon Valley based tech company that provides AR services and delivers interactive experiences for consumer engagement & businesses.
Branding project for architecture firm; MTR MURABA', based in London & Riyadh.
Logos & Systems 2017-2019
Logos & marks created for different kinds of clients between 2017 and 2019.
AB/3D Rebrand
AB3D Labs is a 3D software technology and educational service based in Geneva, Switzerland. pew. created a fresher identity with illustrations and packaging design.
HireHunt Brand Pop + UI
HireHunt is the first interactive talent platform of its kind that brings the right employers and talents together, faster. A Brand Pop & website revamp by pew.
Naseba Brand Pop
pew. were commissioned to add spark and depth to Naseba's existing brand identity, without straying far from the original identity elements.
RiseUp Connect - UI
UI design for RiseUp Connect; one that puts the experiencer amidst the super connected world of the entrepreneurial scene.
Naseba Brand Illustrations
A brand evolution venture was taken to breathe more energy through their visual communication touchpoints, to contribute to its repositioning with newer & younger markets. This is a full set of illustrations devised to be used throughout the new facelift.
ĀTEN آتٍ
pew. were commissioned to come up with a name & design a visual identity that captures the essence of the brand’s aspirations and reflects it to a rather scrupulous target audience, designers.
The branding venture for the collaborative model. For years, the globe has been relying too much on the competitive business model. The 21st century has dawned, and it's time for #wecolab to introduce & globalize the collaborative model.
Visual interpretations of Frank Ocean's Blonde.
Illustrative Poster on Horses
A parody poster for a poster design competition (Graphic Matters) discussing the unjustified killing of animals.
INTRANET IN | Identity Design
Corporate intranet interface design.
Mountain View Website Redesign
Redesign for Mountain View's product website UI.
The Phaneron
A brief introduction to philosophy is visualized with an emphasis on the subject of "perception". The book contains collages for each philosophy or theory. Every image consists of two messages upon viewing it. The book uses color filters and therefore can only be read with either a red transparent paper, or a cyan one, creating an exciting tension between a historical topic and modern way of visualizing it.
QSD x Partners | Brand Identity
Brand identity for an architecture studio. QSD is an emerging design community based on the triangulation of Research, Design and Investment.
Not one universe, but two. “Duoverse” is a yearly event made for the curious minds who wonder about how our world started & how it might possibly end. Presenting historical evidences of several celestial phenomenas that have been mentioned in theological contexts, in contrast to NASA’s findings a couple of decades ago. In this event we take you on a journey to discover the universe & its origin.
logo portfolio*
Logo portfolio Vol. I. Ranging from experimental approaches to more conventional ones.
TEDxGUC | Internal Branding
Internal branding mini-projects that break free a little from TEDx's palettes. Credit goes to unsplash.com & TEDxGUC's photographers for the imagery.
TEDxGUC associates' package'15
The TEDxGUC associates' package for the year 2015
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